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Vol. 4

National Chengchi University Philosophical Journal Vol. 4 (1997/12)

Chapter / Contents
  • Wen-Sheng Wang ∣ On the “Paradox of the Subjectivity”
  • Chen-Kuo Lin ∣ A Confucian-Buddhist Philosophical Encounter in Hsiung Shih-Li and Mou Tsung-San
  • Vincent Shen ∣ Strangification, Rationality and Reasonableness---On the Philosophical Foundation of Psychotherapy
  • Wen-Lin Peng ∣ Doesn't the Problem of ‘χωρισμοσ’ subsist in Aristotle's “On Categories”?
  • Yen Fu on the theory of subjectance and function and its application to multiple spheres of knowledge
  • Cheng-Yun Tsai ∣ Derrida's Deconstruction of Husserl's Phenomenology
  • Ting-Kuo Chang ∣ Hermeneutics, Interpretationism, Philosophy of Interpretation
  • Chun-Hai Tseng ∣ Tan Ssu-Tung's The philosophy of Humanity (Jen-hsueh) and ideal father-teaching
  • Huai-Min Kao ∣ The Symbols
  • Ming-Huei Lee ∣ Wang Yang-Ming and Democracy
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