Project: The Refinement Project of the Department of Philosophy

Executing Unit: Department of Philosophy

Project initiator: Chairperson of the Department of Philosophy, Wang Wen-sheng

General Information

Establishing Year: 1969

Programs: undergraduate, master’s program and doctor’s program

Number of the faculty: 13

Number of the student: 138


Implementing policy

This year finds an opening of the integration of and creative thinking about the modern interpretation and translation (including choosing the word in consideration of
the cultural concept behind it) of Chinese philosophy. All proceedings including the details are through the function of workshop which would deepen the contents in the following years. First, we invite related scholars in the national set the work schedule which begins in June with 4 times in total. This year’s workshop focuses on introduction, inviting scholars in the nation and from abroad (Hong Kong, China) to reflect and exchange opinions about the achievement of the interpretation of Chinese philosophy and possible improvements. In terms of the method, phenomenology, hermeneutics, Anglo-American Analytic Philosophy are include; in terms of the
contents, meta-theology, knowledge and language, Ethics, Law and Politics, the Art code.

The preparing work day, time, topics and main participants are listed below:

Arranging day: 1, June I. Workshop I: June, “Retrospect and the future of interpretation:” Hong Kong: Prof. Wang Ching-chieh, Prof. Kwan Tzu-yin; Taiwan: Lu Ching-chung, Lai Hsien-tsun, Lin Wei-chieh, Kuo Chao-shui II. Workshop II: September, “Practicing Philosophy: politics,  s and moral practices:” Daniel Bell, Tsinghua University, Beijing; Chang Hsiang-lung, Beijing ersity; Taiwan: Yang Jou-pin, Tsai Kang, Ma Yi-chih, Ho Shu-ching III. Workshop III: November, menology and Chinese Philosophy:” Hong Kong: Yao Chih-hua; Ke Hsiao-kang, China University of Political Science and Law; Taiwan: Lin, Chen-kuo, Ni Liang-kang (visiting prof.), Wu Jou-chun, Huang Wen-hung IV. Workshop IV: December, “Aesthetics and Metaphor:” Hong Kong: R. Ames; Taiwan: Liao Je-yi, Hwang Kuan-min, Kung Cho-chun, Chang Kuo-hsien The word and recording ocument of the workshop would be sorted up by the assistant. It would demonstrate the simplifying process of the method and contents of interpreting Chinese philosophy. The creative topics and discussion would very like to stimulate the participants to write and we would like to invite them to send it to the Philosophy journal, NCCU.

Besides, the project fellows of the year are going to have the academic communication with Fudan University, Shanghai, participating the cross-strait conference held in November--“Political Philosophy: from the Perspective of Chinese Philosophy.” The trip not only conforms to one point of the project--“Modern Interpretation of Chinese Politics/society Philosophy but serves as the prelude of the academic activities of alliance consisted of NCCU, Fudan University, Peking
University, Department of Philosophy, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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