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Department of Philosophy, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Full-Time Faculty Position
The Department of Philosophy at National Cengchi University invites applications for a position of professor, associate professor, or assistant professor. Appointments are effective from March 18, 2010.
Qualifications: Ph.D. in Philosophy or related fields.
Specialization: Applicants are preferred who have strong background in philosophy and are capable of teaching the course entitled “The Value of Life and Philosophical Reflection” of the Pilot Curriculum for General Education at the National Chengchi University.
Deadline: All application materials should be received no later than April 16 (Friday), 2010.
Application Documents:
(1)  Photocopy of Ph.D. diploma or certifying document. (Three copies)
(2) Transcript of Ph.D. program. (Three copies)
(3)  Curriculum vitae. (Three copies)
(4)  Ph.D dissertation and major publications within five years. (Three copies)
(5) Statement of research plans and sample syllabi. (Three copies)  
(6) Two to three letters of recommendation.
Mailing address:
Department of Philosophy,
National Chengchi University,
Taipei, Taiwan, 116. NO.64,Sec.2,ZhiNan Rd.,Wenshan 
Tel: 886-2-29387051   Fax: 886-2-29390514

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