Research Units


The Philosophy Department has established the following three research labs in order to focus efforts across the department:

§ Contemporary Western Thoughts

This group focuses on exploring contemporary thought from a philosophical point of view. After the Enlightenment when man embraced rationality, topics like freedom, subjectivity and the light of reason became tremendously important. The rise of free thought in contemporary culture supports numerous lines of research in diverse philosophical fields including art, psychology and politics.

§ Philosophy and Public Affairs

 This research team works to promote dialogue and interaction between philosophy and the social sciences. This kind of interdisciplinary integration and development can strengthen the role of philosophy in politics, education, culture and technology. At a practical level, participation in public affairs research can help faculty and students throughout the department grasp the issues at the heart of our society.

§ Oriental Philosophy

This unit works on applying modern views in philosophy of language and metaphysics to classic sources of Chinese, Indian, and Buddhist philosophy. A modern interpretation of Eastern philosophy is important in order to understand possible relationships between Eastern and Western philosophy and to promote the development of indigenous philosophy and culture.

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