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Date 2020-10-16



        Our faculty offer top-notch instruction, promote academic activities, and lead our scholarly fields via our published work and professional presentations.

        We are open to major philosophical traditions, and put equal emphases on East and West.  In accordance with the characteristic expertise of humanities and social sciences of NCCU, we also devote ourselves to exploring the philosophical foundations for humanities and social sciences.  Hence the three following features in our courses and researches:

1. Modern Interpretations of Chinese Philosophy:

  We seek to communicate Western and Chinese philosophies by interpreting the latter in terms of modern philosophical conceptions from a comparative perspective.

2. Explorations of Western Philosophy:

  We offer courses covering all aspects of Western philosophy, and focus more on the main currents of contemporary philosophy that shape the modern world.

3. Researches on Philosophical Foundations for Humanities and Social Sciences:

  We promote inter-disciplinary integration between philosophy and humanities/social sciences by working on socio-philosophical issues and methodologies of humanities and social sciences, and by engaging in dialogue with those disciplines.

 4. Reflections on Human Values in Technological Issues

   Department of philosophy fosters ongoing inquiry into important issues in technology and medical science(especially medical ethics), and supports teaching and discussion of ethics and human value at NCCU.

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