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報名連結 / Registration

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Registration here / 報名請按此連結:

※ The registration is available till October 2 (23:59 PM). You will receive confirmation letter if your registration is approved before October 3. If you are unable to attend the conference due to other commitments after confirmation, please inform us in advance. The conference will commence punctually, and on-site registration will be available from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM.
※報名截止:10月2日(一)晚23:59。因場地座位有限,本活動將由主辦單位進行出席資格審核;學生、教師與相關領域者為優先考量。錄取者將於10月3日(二)以電子郵件寄發通知,以確認您的出席資格;通過出席審核者,請於當日準時報到(09:30 - 10:00),若不克前來參加請於會議前來信告知。

※ This event utilizes online registration in advance. We kindly request that you do not attempt to register under someone else's identity, as doing so may result in legal violations. The organizer reserves the right to conduct final eligibility verification.

※ 本活動採預先線上報名並完成登錄手續,請勿偽造他人身份資料進行報名以免觸犯法律,主辦單位保留報名資格之最後審核權利。

※ How to arrive/交通資訊:

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