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主講人:金聖文 Kim Sungmoon(香港城市大學公共暨國際事務學系教授)




活動時間:2023/3/22 (Wed) 3-5pm






演講標題:Confucian Democracy and the Place of Rights



This talk illuminates the general nature of what I call “Confucian democratic constitutionalism” as a normative political theory predicated on weak well-being consequentialism. Confucian democratic constitutionalism understands the citizenry’s democratic self-government as its core and takes the democratic legislature as its driving engine, the venue where constitutional norms, values, and rights are deliberated and vetted in accordance with the procedures guided by the principle of egalitarian dignity. At the same time, Confucian democratic constitutionalism acknowledges both the court’s status as one of the important guardians of the political society’s core values and its role to protect individual and minority rights, the moral contents of which are deeply interwoven with Confucian values. This talk presents three key elements of Confucian democratic constitutionalism: (1) rejection of the categorical distinction between principle and policy, (2) endorsement of the people’s right to reconceptualize and meaningfully exercise rights, and (3) the use of Confucian public reason.

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