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Date 2023-05-08

National Chengchi University Philosophical Journal underwent two significant reforms in its vol.8 and vol.29 respectively, including three major changes: (1) changing from an annual publication to a semi-annual publication, in order to expedite the processing of submitted papers and to enhance the protection of rights and interests of the scholars; (2) renewing its layout to meet international standards and to elevate its academic worth; (3) providing a more open platform for philosophical publication, and welcoming all academic research, discussions, theoretical applications and book reviews related to philosophy. All submitted papers are required to be reviewed following the standard procedure before publication. This enhances the academic value of the journal and establishes a firm foundation for academic research. The editorial committee of the journal sincerely welcomes scholars submission and contribution in promoting the exchange of philosophical ideas.

Submitted papers will be reviewed upon receipt. For those who are interested in submitting, please follow the submission guidelines and style manual and send it to us. In response to the advent of the electronic era, the journal adopts print and digital publishing. After vol.15 of this journal, authors of submitted papers are required to accept this publication policy.

Please email your submission to the following email address: Tel: 886-2-29387051 Fax: 886-2-29390514

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