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Submission Guidelines

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Date 2023-01-04

National Chengchi University Philosophical Journal: Submission Requirements

National Chengchi University Philosophical Jounral is a semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal, featuring scholarly work in philosophy. Articles in the journal present critical discussions of theories, classical works, and significant philosophical issues. The journal also publishes book reviews. Papers on all aspects of philosophy will be considered.

Instructions for Authors

  1. Papers should be written in traditional Chinese or English.
  2. Papers should be formatted as Microsoft Word documents, and pages should be numbered.
  3. Ordinarily, the length of papers (including notes and bibliography) written in Chinese is up to 30,000 words; the length of English paper is no more than 20 pages (single-spaced).
  4. The submission of papers should include the following:
  • Title sheet: the title of the paper (both in Chinese and English), the name and title of the author, institutional affiliation, postal address, phone, and e-mail.
  • Abstract: both in Chinese and English and no more than 300 words respectively, along with keywords in Chinese and English.
  • Main text
  • Citations and bibliography: all works cited, and no others, should be collated in a bibliography section at the end of the paper.
  • For further details of style rules, see the section “Style Manual”.
  1. The journal uses a double-blind review process, requiring each submitted paper to be anonymously reviewed by domestic and international experts in philosophy and by the editorial committee before issuing. Authors should not refer to or allude to themselves as authors of their papers in any part of the text (including notes).
  2. If a submitted paper includes materials (e.g., figures, chart, images or excerpts of text) whose copyright is not owned by its author, the author must obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) to reproduce these materials in the paper and in the digital and print publications of the journal.
  3. The journal does not charge authors publication fees or article processing charges (APCs).
  4. The editorial committee is allowed to decide the rejection, revision, or acceptance of submitted papers. The journal editors are also allowed to proof-edit and modify the format of accepted papers for the sake of publication. As for other types of revision, authors are advised to revise according to the editorial committee’s suggestions.
  5. There is no remuneration for authors after their papers get published. Instead, the journal will provide them with 40 volumes of the latest issue of the journal and the following four issues of the journal.
  6. The journal adopts digital and print publishing. Authors are required to grant this publishing policy.
  7. Authors enjoy the moral right of their articles, and the journal retains the economic right of the published articles. The author of the accepted article(s) has the right to republish in a collection of his or her essays. Except for this use, if the author wishes to reprint, reproduce (including reproducing on the internet), or translate the published article(s), permission from the journal beforehand is required.
  8. Submitted papers must not be under consideration by any other journal or published previously. Authors are required to execute the copyright license agreement. If submitted or published articles infringe the rights of any third parties by plagiarism, reproduction, or any other fashion, the journal is not legally responsible for those acts.
  9. Please contact and submit papers through the following email address:


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