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Special Issue Call for Paper

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Date 2023-06-12

Although it may not be a widely accepted philosophical position in the 21st century, idealism has had a remarkable and multifaceted legacy, as a source of inspiration or as a target of refutation, in various domains. We invite scholars from all fields of philosophy to submit papers for a special issue on idealism and its multifaceted development.

In this special issue, we will explore how idealism has shaped our understanding about topics such as mind, knowledge, logic, the physical world, phenomenology, the human existence, arts, virtual reality etc. Contributors may examine the historical developments of idealism in these areas or chart new idealistic directions for research on the subject. Both historical-exegetical and critical-analytical approaches are welcome. We also encourage papers that look at the impact of idealism on non-Western philosophical traditions and its implications for contemporary debates. In brief, we look forward to articles related to one of the following areas:

  1. Idealism in Classical German Philosophy
  2. Idealism and Phenomenology
  3. Idealism and Buddhist Philosophy
  4. Idealism and Mind
  5. Idealism and Logic & Epistemology
  6. Idealism and Physical Sciences
  7. Idealism and Existential Philosophy
  8. Idealism and East-Asian Philosophy
  9. Idealism and Arts
  10. Idealism and Virtual Reality

Other related topics that do not fall under the above categories will also be considered. Articles selected for consideration will undergo a peer-review process.

All enquiries and submissions should be sent to The submission deadline is 31 October, 2023.

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